Hackschooling Makes Me Happy and Make/Hack/Play

“Hackschooling Makes Me Happy” and “Centering on Essential Lenses”  is inspirational to anyone who is watching the video and reading the articles. The best idea about the reading is that a 10 year old boy can tell and inspire adults on how kids feel about their education. At first I wasn’t sure on what “hackschooling” meant but now I understand that “hackers” are improvers, and critical thinkers and their mindset  is to change the world. I love all the little quotes the kid kept saying during his presentation, my favorite was “making a living rather than life” and “school should be happy and healthy”.

I will be able to use this video and article as an inspiration when I begin to teach. I agree completely that students learn more and better when they are making something to demonstrate their learning, and students should be able to write about their experiences and what they like. I like the example this kid mentioned, he likes skiing, so he wants to own his own business one day. The kid understands there is more to “owning your own business”, students have to understand math, and be creative. I can relate to this story, I use to work as a para in an elementary classroom and there was a 5th grader who I spent a lot of time with. He loved trains, and he said one day I want to work on trains, possibly the railroad. He never wanted to work on math and reading. I would remind him daily that he has to understand math and learn how to read in order to work on trains. He would just smile and get started on the daily work or assignments. Teachers need to find out individually what the student’s interest are and be creative by tying their learning with their interest. As a teacher, I wish there was a way to improve students intelligence by doing what they have interest in but not by taking standard, and state test all the time.

I just don’t understand why when we ask students what they want to be when they grow up, why schools just ask the questions and not make it a reality. I can do my part as a teacher and let the students use their imagination, and be creative but I wish schools were more open to being more career focused. Schools should not be enslaving and controlling it should be made to be active and teach students to be productive person in society.

kid loves school

Author: kelseymolina

Hi I’m Kelsey Molina. I am working towards a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education with Chadron State. On a personal note my husband and I have been married for more than five years and have two boys Che and Kain. I love to spend time with my family, I like to watch my boys play sports, go camping and fishing.

4 thoughts on “Hackschooling Makes Me Happy and Make/Hack/Play”

  1. I teach a business college course and I had the same thought that LaPlante already had a clearer idea about running his own business from his hackschooling than my students. Experience is a great teacher. This Ted Talk was very inspirational.


  2. So many terrific thoughts here–and practical applications in our classrooms! I find that my students usually love this talk too and end up with so many questions about why we “do school” in the way that we do.


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